Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sent with ScratchCam for iPhone

I just figured out how to post iPhone pictures to my blog ...from anywhere!

strike three

The visual problem to solve here was to come up with a full page image for an article in Summit Business Magazine article 'mistakes in team building', referring to business management, however the article used baseball as a metaphor in a couple places, so thats what I worked with. Overlapping responsibilities is apparently a common 'team building' mistake ... so here's three players, all trying to bat, all three missing the pitch completely.


I took a short cut yesterday, down some old metal stairs, underneath a chinese medicine school. I was heading for the railway tracks but had to stop when I saw this sign. It's such a cool old building, really ramshackle...totally out of the way. I thought it was fitting that someone was selling hammocks in this, the most laid back of retail locations....