Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bicycling Magazine - award winner

I'm very pleased to hear that this image that I did for Bicycling Magazine has been chosen for American Illustration, 3x3 and Applied Arts awards Annuals! It's so gratifying to be chosen in these annual competitions.

Colby College

This article was on a young woman who had made a real impact volunteering and working with non-profits, both during her education at Colby, and after.

D Mag

An article in DMagazine about a guy that played pranks on his neighbours in an upscale neighbourhood in Dallas. Apparently doing things like posting signs that were sure to freak people out on the morning of their garage sale....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WSJ - Golf

Another Wall Street Journal piece...the story was about a fathers love of soccer, and his disappointment when his son dropped soccer for golf.

Liquid Gas

Gas companies looking for different ways to use liquid natural gas


The AD wanted an image to simply show that many of the smaller oil and gas companies are being taken over by larger ones...

Electric Inuit

This was one of a series of four illustrations for Alberta Oil magazine .... this story was on the energy challenges facing Canada's North, specifically, how to get electricity to a vast, sparsely populated area .... (generators are a big source of electrical power now)

Lucky California

I took this picture with my iPhone on Union Street in San Francisco a couple months ago ... I think I was using either LOMO or Instagram for the filter effect ... I held the phone right up to the glass of the looked so cool to see palm trees reflected like this! (I'm from Canada, palm trees are still a novelty!)



This was fun...I love working with Betsy at American Airlines in flight magazine, American Way. I love the idea that people on airplanes flying over my house, might also be looking at one of my illustrations! I love that. It's funny, after so many years of illustrating, I still get a real thrill seeing my work published. My favourite times have been when I happen to be in New York, and I have a piece in The Wall Street Journal or wherever. Anyway, this illustration went with a story about a writer who tried out wearing Spanx undergarments for men....

iPhone Apps for Counting calories - Wall Street Journal

I like this was for an article in the WSJ about iPhone apps for dieting and counting calories....As you can might be able to tell, I really like vintage poster illustration form the first half of the last century.


This is a sketch for a poster I've been thinking of doing...


I love drawing. This is a drawing I did a while back, I don't usually use any reference, just make it up as I go.... I like the slight distortions and inaccuracies that happen....